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HDP Foundation is an Armenian-based foundation, with a board of directors and management comprising local Armenians, Diaspora-Armenians and expatriates with extensive Armenia experience. HDP Foundation is the off-shoot of a US-based NGO (Human Dignity and Peace) which has been active in Armenia for over ten years, primarily in the humanitarian, agriculture and educational spheres An important component of HDP's organizational strength lies in its board of directors. The board comprises seven members, who work in various donor and implementing organizations in Armenia, including the Armenian University of Armenia, Urban Institute, UMCOR and the United States Agency for International Development. The board's role is to develop Foundation Policy and project concepts; use its networking base to identify staff and specific project management personnel; and monitor the management's activities. The board meets on a quarterly basis. HDP's executive director is Ruzanna Ter-Ghazaryan. She has been working for HDP Foundation as seed distribution program volunteer/coordinator since 2004. Later she started working as HDP's Chief Accountant Assistant. In this position her priority was to help the Chief Accountant in key financial operations, data collection and reporting, controlling the proper utilization of the petty cash account, in closing the HDP financial operations monthly, and in the accounts reconciliation. During the last few years she has been involved in the Gardening project as a project assistant, assisting in project design and implementation, programme compliance and progress monitoring, monitoring agricultural, food, volunteer and other community development projects, representing the HDP Foundation in coordination meetings with donors and other organizations. On April 2, 2007 up to date Ruzanna Ter-Ghazaryan was elected Executive Director by the HDP board. In this capacity, the priority is to develop programmes in the areas of gardening, income generation and legal protection of children and youth with disabilities, overseeing all ongoing projects, networking with donor and partner organizations. DP's founder was Dr. David L. Watt. Dr. Watt was an agricultural economist, and was involved in managerial finance for over twenty years. He has over two hundred publications, many in the areas of management, sustainable agriculture, and economic development. He has over twenty years teaching experience, including North Dakota State University(NDSU) in Agricultural Economics and the Business School, in the Armenian Agricultural Academy(AAA) in Economics, and in the American University of Armenia(AUA) in the MBA and Masters of Engineering programs. Another important component of HDP's organizational strength lies in its volunteers. HDP promotes volunteerism as an important strength for Armenia or any country desiring growth and commitment of its citizens to a better future. We have several activities you can be part of. Through partnership with several organizations we supply vegetable seeds to the very poor of Armenia. Our volunteers helped sort seeds that were donated to UMCOR in 2004 so the seeds could be delivered to the poor. Armenian Red Cross school children volunteers (in the picture), helped us sort the seeds in addition to our own volunteers' contribution. We rewarded UMCOR-provided school and hygiene kits to our volunteers to recognize their care. We could use more volunteers to visit the villages during and after the seed distribution to make sure that the needy benefit. HDP Foundation's overarching goal is to apply technological solutions to the social and economic problems facing Armenians. HDP's strength is in project development and management. HDP seeks to play a positive role in Armenia by identifying good, solid project ideas; finding potential project partners and seeking financing for these activities Basic education. Economic and social empowerment. Economic opportunities for sufficient income to meet basic needs. A stable supply of food and water. Basic health care. A safe and sustainable environment. A role in the decisions that affect their families, communities and nations. Opportunities for ethical, religious, and moral education and expression

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